Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble



Switzerland by train
including return rail travel from London

26th September - 3rd October 2015

Geoff always wanted to go on a train holiday, so when our friends Ros and Adrian saw a special deal for one in Switzerland and suggested that we go with them, he jumped at the opportunity and persuaded Bruce that it would be a good thing to do... well, actually, Bruce didn't need that much persuasion. He was more than happy to go along for the scenery and to eat Swiss chocolate... and to spend time with Ros and Adrian, of course!

Our expectations of the holiday were pretty high. Despite this, our experience exceeded expectations in almost every respect. The organisation was excellent, the trains were efficient and clean, and the landscapes were quite stunning. Even the weather was perfect!

This map shows the routes we took (click on it for a larger image)

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