Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble



Glacier Express: Chur to Brig,
then a local train to Kandersteg

Wednesday, 30th September2015
We had some free time in the morning in Chur.
We tracked Ros down to a shop and surprised her there!
There was even some time to go back to Bruce's favourite chocolaterie.
The Glacier Express at Chur station.
Unlike the Bernina Express, there are no open windows on the Glacier Express, making it hard to take good photos without strong reflections getting in the way. Nevertheless, we did take a few (bad) photos, but mostly, we just relaxed and savoured the wonderful scenery.

(Note Bruce's new "Glacier Express" cap, which he bought on the train, because he lost his other cap whilst taking photos from a train near St Moritz yesterday, much to the amusement of our fellow passengers!)
At Andermatt, the schedule allowed for the train to pause. Geoff was able to get out and take a few photos.
We disembarked at Brig, where we had a short break before our connecting train to Kandersteg.
The train to Bern, calling at Kandersteg on the way, which is where we would be getting off.
After climbing steeply and going through several long tunnels,
we emerged from one to find ourselves in Kandersteg,
approximately half an hour after leaving Brig.
There was quite a change in the weather up here, compared with the valley town of Brig.
The misty view from our hotel balcony.
©Geoff Brock and Bruce Gamble