Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble

March 2016 South Africa : Mom's 80th birthday party


It was a pleasure to be back in Benoni for Mom's eightieth birthday, celebrations for which included a party for family and friends, followed by a four night cruise from Durban. Mom loved both the party and the cruise and we all loved celebrating with her!

Family and friends came together to help with preparations for the party. I arrived the day before the party, when all the hard work had been done. Nice timing.
A beautiful cake, made by Clare.
The venue was the lovely home of Des, Jenny and Justin.
Mom, with Gail and Fred
Roger, Kathleen and Linda
Kelly and her music teacher, Duerell
A good photo of Justin... he obviously didn't know this was being taken or he might have stopped me!
Gary and Donna
Kathleen and Roger
The dinner was lovely... there was so much delicious food.
Victor and Carla
Kathleen, Roger, Gary and Donna
Marc and Clare
Debbie and Phil
Christian and Duerell
Mom with Margaret, Jackie and Linda
Mom couldn't resist opening a few of her many gifts, but then it all got a bit too emotional for her, so she put them aside, to be opened later.
One of the highlights of the evening was a lovely performance by Jackie and Duerell on guitars, Kelly singing and Clare on the keyboard.
They were joined later by Kathleen and Linda, after which Mom danced with all of them and Des too!
Gail, Deryn and Bruce
Mom with Jackie and Bruce
Margaret and Carla


Mom with her four kids!
Marc and Clare
Christian and Kelly
It was all a bit too much for little Tatum!
Who would have thought it could be so difficult to get a good group photo. This one isn't too bad.
The grandchildren (minus Kevin and Erin, who would have loved to be there)
Des, giving the speech.
Finally, it was time to cut the cake. What a lovely evening!
A few days later and the collection of cards is still on display.

Happy birthday Mom. We love you very much!

©Geoff Brock and Bruce Gamble