Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble

September 2019: Southwold with Ros, Adrian, Linda & Derek


We were lucky enough to spend another week in one of our favourite places. We invited Ros, Adrian, Linda & Derek to join us. The weather was a bit cloudy and rainy at times, but it didn't prevent us from having a really good week.


Our one-carriage train at Halesworth station and an unexpected first visit into the town itself. We should have checked that there were actually buses running from there to Southwold and not assumed so, based on last year. In fact, they do, but at a much reduced rate, so we'll take a taxi for the nine mile trip in future.

When we finally got to Southwold, an ice-cream was needed!
We had the first night to ourselves before our guests arrived.
Second night - pre-dinner drinks before dining at The Crown.
Extra high tide - we'd never seen the sea so rough. The surfers appeared to be enjoying it too!
Ros brought us a challenging 3D jigsaw. It was fun.
The path to Walberswick.
This roof was being worked on last year. The result is excellent.
Geoff was delighted to see quetsch (a type of plum)
for sale in the market - £5 for the tray.
Site of the old hospital, now being redeveloped into a community centre, which we support.
Another walk to Walberswick...
...but the first time we have visited the church there.
Our last evening - dinner in the Tap Room at the Swan Hotel.
Time to go home - our train at Halesworth
©Geoff Brock and Bruce Gamble