Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble

March 2019: South Africa


Photos taken during Bruce's visit to Benoni and to Kathy and Edna's new home in Port Elizabeth.

Travelling in comfort - thanks to all those air miles from my trip to Antarctica a few months ago!
It was lovely to see the family again, although I didn't manage to get photos of everybody.
The children are all growing up so quickly. My annual visits really highlight this.
Jackie, hard at work. Mom refused to let me take photos of her hard at work, haha!

The supply of electricity was not reliable. We had to make do a few times.
Mom, playing Scrabble with me online (even though I was in the same room!) and watched over by her faithful friend, Snowy.
A quick pop in to see Des, Jenny and Justin.
Mom, Jackie and I flew to Port Elizabeth to visit Kathy and Edna in their new home. Wow!
The view from my bedroom.
Within the estate, wild animals roam freely.
One day, Kathy drove us into the city, where we had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the sea.
The view from the restaurant.
A lovely tribute to my late cousin Kent, by his son Alex.
A rare oil painting by my grandfather.
Jackie and I enjoyed our long walk around the estate.
Finally, a little section devoted to photos of me and Snowy. What a pleasure it was to meet her for the first time. She stole my heart!
Bath time... so good it happened twice! (After the first one, she went and rolled in the mud!)
After sad goodbyes, a glass of champagne and a snack to console me at the airport as I headed home.
©Geoff Brock and Bruce Gamble