Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble

Sicily & The Secret Mediterranean

13th May - 6th June 2017
Two quite different holidays rolled into one. We joined the Island Sky in Valletta, Malta, then spent twelve days sailing clockwise around Sicily. Returning to Valletta we waved goodbye to our fellow travellers, many of whom we hope will remain friends, before saying hello to a new set of travellers.
Part two took another twelve days, starting in Valletta and finishing in Istanbul. Some of the destinations we visited really did feel like they were in the "Secret Mediterranean".

Our holiday was amazing, possibly one of the best ever, with so many places we’d never been to before. It would be hard to pick out the highlights because there were so many, but if pressed we might say Ragusa and Syracuse on Sicily, the Aeolion Islands, Kotor in Montenegro, everything in Albania, Delphi plus the Corinth Canal. Wow!

The itinerary wasn't the only aspect that impressed us. It was also the third time we had sailed on the Island Sky and it was also probably our best cruise ever. Everybody on the ship worked tirelessly to keep things running smoothly and to keep us happy. It's hard to single people out for special praise, so we won't (well OK, maybe we will in the case of our cruise director Neil), otherwise the other truly excellent individuals know who they are!

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