Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble

October 2016: Southwold

Our visits to Southwold have become regular ones over the years, because we love the town. This year's visit proved to be busier than usual because it coincided with Jane and David's birthday celebrations, for which we extended our stay by three days. Like last year, we were joined, for a few days, by Ros, Adrian, Linda and Derek. We also met Marjaana and Julian, who were touring Southern England before returning home to Australia. We even managed to have afternoon tea with two more friends, Jane and Anna. For the three day long birthday celebrations, we enjoyed the company of Marie, Glyn, Pat and Phil. Jane and David generously hosted a meal for us at the Crown Hotel and made sure that we had lots of fizz to drink at other times! Here are some memories of our stay.
Geoff with Marjaana and Julian.
Ros and Marjaana
Derek and Adrian
Linda and Bruce
Hmmm, not sure what this was all about!
Eating ice cream... yes, there was a lot of that.
The strong easterly wind early in the week made the sea look wild.
The Electric Picture Palace in Southwold
Now, which one shall I have?
Derek and Bruce hoped to go out to sea for "The Blast", but the wind was too strong, so they went up-river instead and still had a blast!
Jane and David got an unwelcome birthday present from a passing gull. David bore the brunt of it, but Jane suffered collateral damage.
Bruce with David, Jane, Marie and Glyn

Celebration drinks before going to the restaurant.
Back row: Phil, David, Glyn & Bruce
Front row: Jane, Pat, Marie & Geoff

Dinner at The Crown.
Tea and cake time!
Marie made this gorgeous cake!
By chance, our friends Anna and Jane were in Southwold.
We had tea and cake with them too (shortly after the preceding event!).
By the end of our stay, we NEEDED to go home to recover (and to restart the diet!)
©Geoff Brock and Bruce Gamble