Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble

November/December 2016: South Africa

It was Bruce's second visit to South Africa this year. Lots had changed since his last visit, only eight months before. Mom had sold her home and moved in with Jackie. Building work (undertaken and managed by Des) was already far advanced in order to make Mom comfortable in her side of the house. Soon after Mom moved in, Jackie met Billy and, during my visit, they announced their engagement!
If the weather looks hot, it was.... very hot!
Marc with Tatum
Clare and Tatum
Work in progress for Mom's patio, to mirror Jackie's patio, albeit on a smaller scale.
Preparations for Jackie and Billy's engagement party
Jackie and Billy looking very pleased with themselves!
Kathleen and Kelly
Congratulations Jackie and Billy. We all wish you much happiness!
Des doing his thing with the braai.
Billy's sister Juliet with her partner
Tatum, Slater and Ryder with two friends
Chloe wasn't going to be left out of the occasion!
Alecia and Clinton
Clare and Donna
Linda brought forward her 55th birthday celebrations by a week so that I could go. I was very touched.
Happy birthday Linda! Here's to a happy and healthier year ahead.
Angelique and Kathleen
Patricia and Angelique
Billy's sons Clinton and Kevin, with their girlfriends Alecia and Janmarie.
Darlene and Margaret
Ann, Gavin, Sherilee(sp?) and Billy
My last evening in Benoni. Everybody pops by to say goodbye!
It also happened to be Christian's birthday so we all wished him well.
The evening ended with entertainment provided by Billy and his friend Martin, which we all enjoyed very much.
Another busy visit had come to an end. It was lovely to see everyone, but I also needed to go home for a rest!
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