Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble

March 2015: South Africa


Another visit by Bruce to see the family in South Africa.

Mom's hard work in her garden is very evident and a real credit to her.


One of my first visits, after unpacking, was to Jackie's home. Kelly brought Tatum over from her house to see me. She was a bit wary to begin with, but that didn't last long and soon, she was entertaining us all!
Video: Tatum being Tatum

A couple of days later, it was Mom's birthday and there was a big family celebration, hosted by Jackie.

Bea (standing with Mom above) made this lovely cake.
Kylie was intrigued by the trampoline...
...and the swing.
Present opening time...
...with Des making the speech for the birthday girl!
All of the children were in one place, at one time...
... and all but one of the grandchildren were there too (Kevin missing, of course)...
... and even all five great-grand-children were made to pose together!
Time for the desserts... a co-operative effort, including some gorgeous lemon meringue cupcakes from Donna.
Singing Happy Birthday...
...and cutting the cake!
Mom's was thrilled with her new curtains - a birthday present from her children.
A treat for me was being invited, along with Linda, Kathleen and Roger, to a delicious Sunday lunch with Ruth and Joe. It was a very pleasant afternoon.
Another lovely treat was being invited by Debbie and Phil to have a meal with them.
The restaurant was excellent and we enjoyed the evening very much.
Towards the end of my visit, we had another big gathering at a local restaurant.
It was a warm day and there was plenty of space for the kids to run around and enjoy the facilities.
It was good to see Kathleen, Roger and Linda's new home and to be invited for a meal with them too. This photo doesn't really do their place justice, inside it is very nice and the garden is beautiful.
A little corner of the garden - Chloe seems to have found her favourite spot.
Mom is using the power of the sun to overcome problems with the electricity supply. I was given a couple of these to take home!
Bruce being put to work by Jackie, assisted by Tatum.
One final treat. An invitation to dinner with Donna and Gary. Their new home has had a major refurbishment and is looking really good. Donna showed off her culinary skills too. We really enjoyed our meal and the evening.
Maya was clearly enjoying the evening too!
All good things must end. Take-off was delayed by half an hour, due to severe thunderstorms!
©Geoff Brock and Bruce Gamble