Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble

March 2014: South Africa - In and around Benoni


In March 2014, Bruce went to South Africa for three weeks.

Apart from spending time with the family, the other highlights of the trip were Kylie's christening, Kathleen & Roger's wedding
and a four day trip to the Cape to visit Cilla and Jurie in Witsand.

My first flight on one of BA's new A380s!
There had been a few changes since I was last in Benoni and this was one of them.
Jackie's lovely new home, where I would be staying.
It is built in the back garden of Kelly & Christian's home.
One of the many highlights of my visit was meeting my great niece Tatum for only the second time.

Inside Jackie's house. She has done a great job!
A breakfast reunion with Linda, a friend from Primary school!
Linda, Kevin, Erin & Kathleen about to set off for a trip to Sabie
More changes! Mom has had another room added to her place and it is looking good!

A visit to Marc & Clare's home, where some of Edna's lovely artwork is on display
Cameron was very proud of his reward chart, and rightly so!
My youngest great-niece, Kylie.
Ryder, Cameron and Slater interrupted from their favourite activity... gaming!
Slater picking up some card techniques
Tatum wearing her bridesmaid outfit for the forthcoming wedding, but would she keep still for a moment so that I could take photos? No!
My favourite picture of Tatum...
Slater having a little doze in his granny's office
Lorraine was a very welcome guest from Sydney. She spent a day with us.
Erin showing off her new engagement ring! Congratulations to Kevin & Erin on the announcement!
Thanks you to Kevin & Erin for their very kind gift from Mpumalanga for me and Geoff.
Gorgeous mother and daughter photo... getting ready for that wedding!
Yet another event in what was becoming a really busy holiday. The "Far Flung Friend Reunion" hosted by Bruce and Laura (from Austin, Texas)
Lolly, Laura and Karen
Laura and Jackie
Avril, Laura, Lolly, Karen, Bruce & Linda
Newlyweds Bernice & Laura
Laura and Avril
Tatum was fascinated by her own shadow
My last day spent with Marc, Clare, Cameron, Kylie, Jackie & Mom at the garden centre cafe.
A couple of weeks later... Mom's gift of a two thousand piece jigsaw puzzle is completed!
©Geoff Brock and Bruce Gamble