Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble

Autumn 2010: Southwold (with Jane & David)

Friday 1st October: We arrived around midday, just before the strong
wind and rains began. The storm lasted most of the first night!
Saturday 2nd October: A beautiful start to the day and a walk to Walberswick
Fabulous views from our first floor terrace
Unlike our arrival the previous day, Jane and David were greeted by warm sunshine when they arrived.
We decided to make the most of the day by taking a longish walk along the beach towards the river mouth and Walberswick beyond
A stunning contrast between the wide beach and the lush green countryside just a few steps away in the other direction
We walked to Walberswick via the footbridge some distance up river, although Jane checked first that we could get back via the ferry.
Left: Ferry crossing from the Southwold side
Right: Ferry crossing from the other side (approx. 30 minute walk)

After lunching at The Bell in Walberswick,
we took the ferry back across the river.

There was a full load (11 people) and we all felt slightly
apprehensive as the small boat lurched from side to side
when people got on and off. It didn't help when we
noticed rather a lot of water gathering below our feet!

One of the little boys on board was instructed by
his mother "not to scream like a girl again".
We kind of knew how he was feeling!

Back home... and look what William has been up to while we were out!
Getting to know you...
The much photographed view from the terrace!
That evening, we went to Sutherland's Restaurant
with its very interesting ceiling.
Sunday 3rd October: A walk to the pier, shopping in the town and roast chicken for dinner at our lovely house
Monday 4th October: Geoff & David go on a brewery tour.
Bruce & Jane go for a long walk.
Fish and chips for dinner.
Taken later, this photo shows the brewery
from the outside, lit up in the early evening
While the brewery tour was in progress, Jane and Bruce went off to have coffee and cake at the harbour...
...only to find that the coffee shop was closed during the week!
Not to be done out of their treat, they walked on to Walberswick, passing some interesting sights along the way.
Meanwhile, back in Southwold the brewery tour was over and so there was time for a spot of lunch, followed by a walk along the beach

Back in Walberswick...

David and Geoff, meanwhile, were walking along the beach towards Jane and Bruce...
...and then, more by luck than by design, we all met again on the otherwise deserted beach!
After all that exercise, ice creams for Jane and Bruce were necessary!
Tuesday 5th October: Celebrating a certain person's birthday.
Another walk to Walberswick and dinner at The Crown.
Wednesday 6th October: Goodbye to Jane & David,
but not before another long walk and lunch at the Sole Bay Inn

Bye bye

Jane, David,

William & Colm!

Thursday 7th October: Our last full day with more walking,
seal spotting, lunch on the terrace in the warm sunshine
and a return to The Crown for dinner
Friday 8th October: Homeward bound

Thanks to David and Jane for some
of the images on this page

©Geoff Brock and Bruce Gamble