Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble

2009: India

In November 2009, we visited India.
It was the first time either of us had been to the country and we hope that it won't be the last!

We flew from London to Delhi, where we did a little sightseeing before boarding the famous
"Palace on Wheels" train for a memorable seven night journey around the state of Rajasthan.
After returning to Delhi (and doing some more sightseeing there), we were on trains again,
this time north to Shimla, the old summer capital of the British Raj,
where we relaxed for a few days before we went home.
We visited the area highlighted in the map
The overnight flight from London to Delhi was with Virgin Atlantic.
It was a good flight and we were treated to some excellent views of the barren mountain landscape of Afghanistan
as we flew over that country, before landing in Delhi at around midday on 10th November.
©Geoff Brock and Bruce Gamble