Geoff Brock & Bruce Gamble

2008: South Africa


Bruce visited the family in South Africa at the end of February 2008.
Everybody seems to have had their picture taken at some point and here is a collection of the better ones.

Ryder had a great time playing in his great-grandmother's garden, sitting in the water feature at every opportunity!

No visit to the family is complete without a visit to the dam...


Kevin made a special trip from London to meet us   
(well, maybe he did and maybe he didn't....)   

  Kathleen, looking very relaxed and happy. Might be something to   do with passing her helicopter pilot test!

It was a privilege to be invited to watch Justin playing cricket. His team won the match comfortably and Justin played very well.

Jenny making sure that the scoring was
one hundred percent accurate!

Later the same day, Donna wowed us with her new evening dress and, later still, looked very relaxed.
Des doing one of his special braais. There was plenty to eat as ever!
Jackie, taking no nonsense from anybody, it seems!

Mom, what was going on with that chair?
A few days later, another gathering at Mom's place, this time, with Kelly, Jackie, Ryder, Edna and Christian

A visit to Marc and Clare for tea, and to give Marc his birthday presents
A rare photo of the sisters posing together
©Geoff Brock and Bruce Gamble